Pharmaceris H Stimupeel Cleansing Peel 125 ml

Dual action peeling cream deeply cleanses the scalp so treats the dandruff and prevents hair loss.



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Pharmaceris H Stimupeel Cleansing Peel 125 ml

• Pharmaceris Stimupeel cream For the most common scalp problems that affect overall appearances such as dandruff and excessive hair loss.

• The trichology peel effectively removes any impurities and keratinized skin

• Pharmaceris H Stimupeel restores physiological balance to the scalp, which is the first essential step towards proper care for the scalp prone to hair loss and dandruff.

• It has a potent formula, which is composed of Piroctone olamine, Urea, Caffeine, Apricot shells, and papain.

• Piroctone olamine, cleans the scalp and effectively removes impurities, and protects it from external factors that lead to the appearance of dandruff.

In addition to its antibacterial and keratinization-normalizing properties controls harmful microflora in the plaques, effectively fighting the symptoms of dandruff and preventing its recurrence.

• Apricot shells and papain, Not only clean the scalp well but also remove dandruff, sebum, and hair spray residues and make the hair less prone to oiliness.

• Urea provides optimum hydration of the scalp and prevents excessive dryness.

• Caffeine, improves microcirculation in the scalp, boosts oxygen supply to cells, and stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthening hair roots.

• As a result, it strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss, as well as stimulates and accelerates natural hair growth.

Active ingredients:

Piroctone olamine, Urea, Caffeine, Papain, Apricot shells.


Pharmaceris H Stimupeel Cleansing Peel:

• Deeply cleanses the scalp and removes impurities.

• Does not cause hair oiliness.

• Makes hair less prone to oiliness.

• Eliminates persistent scale and dandruff build-up.

• Prevents hair loss.

How to use:

• Use the peel regularly, at least once a week.

• Apply the product to the wet scalp, gently rub, and then rinse the peeling particles away with water and shampoo your hair.

Point of interest:

• Recommended for men and women prone to hair loss, thinning or balding, and people with dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.

• Dermatologically tested.

• Does not cause hair oiliness.

• Recommended for regular or preventive care.

Made in:



125 ml.

Store at room temperature.