Pharmaceris R- Lipo-Rosalgin day cream 30 ml

To smooth the face for Rosacea R with SPF
Manufacturer: Pharmaceris
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Key features:

  • It's a unique combination of active ingredients that effectively soothes and counteracts inflammation processes accompanying acne rosacea, improving skin condition and appearance.
  • It strengthens capillaries and reduces their permeability, relieving skin redness. 


  • It has a Piroctone olamineincluded in the formula that has an anti-bacterial effect and promotes the reduction of papules and pustules. It restores balance in the epidermal microflora, preventing the recurrence of symptoms. 
  • It has a D-panthenol and allantoin soothe irritations, fixed erythema, and flushing, as well as reduce skin proneness to hypersensitivity to environmental aggressors. 
  • It comes with an Olive wax that strengthens the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis and provides proper hydration and lipid replenishment.