Pharmaclinix Acnex Clear Cream 50 ml

A cream that helps to treat acne in teenagers and purifies the skin.



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Pharmaclinix Acnex Clear Cream 50 ml

Pharmaclinix Acnex Clear Cream is specially formulated for teenagers who suffer from acne.
It effectively removes acne scars in addition, it prevents the formation of new acne.
Pharmaclinix Acnex Clear Cream relieves Rosacea and prevents breakouts during periods.
Pharmaclinix Acnex Clear Cream:
- Has anti- bacterial properties.
- Gives you clear and purified skin.
- It can be used Between Antibiotic and Roaccutane treatments.
- Removes dark spots caused by acne.;
Active ingredients:
• Salicylic acid:
- Has anti-inflammatory effect.
- Controls sebum sections.
- Soothes skin.
- Helps to unclog pores to prevent break out.
• Niacinamide:
- Helps balance oil production.
- Calms and soothes skin that suffers from acne.
- Relieves redness caused by acne.
• Octadecenedioic acid:
- Lightens skin.
- Removes acne spots.
How to use Pharmaclinix Acnex Clear Cream:
- Apply twice daily on clean skin, and massage gently.
- Size:50 ml
- Made in the UK