Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask 50 ml

A peeling mash that removes acne scars and helps even skin tone, leaving your skin brighter and more radiant.



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Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask 50 ml

Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask is designed to improve skin appearance by removing blemishes.
It has antibacterial properties that treat and prevent breakouts and purifies the skin.
Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask Benefits:
- Helps ease inflammation.
- Removes acne scars.
- Controls sebum production.
- Decreases superficial scars.
- Improves the appearance of superficial wrinkles.
- Soothes skin.;
Active ingredients:
• Glycolic acid:
- It Evens skin tone.
- Fights wrinkles.
- Regenerates skin.
- Provides a smoothing effect.
• Azelaic acid:
- Treats acne.
- Neutralize the effect of free radicals
- Lightens acne spots.
• Phytic acid:
- Rich in antioxidants.
- Reduces pigmentations.
- Improves skin conditions.
• Salicylic acid:
- Controls excess oil.
- Reduces breakouts.
- Keeps pores clear.
How to use Pharmaclinix Acnex Peel Mask: 
1- Cleanse your skin.
2- Apply a thin layer of the mask and massage gently for 5 minutes.
3- leave the mask for 10 minutes then rinse with cold water.
- Size: 50 ml
- Made in the UK