Pharmaclinix Eyerix SPF 15 Cream 15 ml

An eye cream that helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, giving you younger-looking skin.



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Pharmaclinix Eyerix SPF 15 Cream 15 ml

Pharmaclinix Eyerix Cream is formulated to improve the appearance around the eye area.
It stimulates collagen production to strengthen and improve the elasticity of the delicate skin around the eye area.
Pharmaclinix Eyerix Cream helps to lighten skin, reduces puffiness, and strengthen blood vessels.
Pharmaclinix Eyerix Cream Benefits:
- Reduces dark circles.
- Reduces wrinkles.
- Protect the delicate area as it contains SPF 15.
- Relieves inflammation.
- Reduces signs of fatigue.;
Active ingredients:
• Vitamin C:
- Improves collagen production.
- Brightens skin.
- Reduces dark circles.
• Kojic acid:
- Lightens skin.
- Has anti-aging properties.
- Has an anti-microbial effect.
• Alpha arbutin:
- Lightens UV- induced pigmentation.
- Unifies skin tone.
• Caffeine:
- Promotes microcirculation.
- Firms and lightens skin.
- Protects skin from damage.
• Green Tea Extract:
- Has anti-oxidant properties.
- Has anti-inflammatory properties.
How to use Pharmaclinix Eyerix SPF 15 Cream:
- Apply twice daily on clean skin.
- Size:15 ml
- Made in the UK