Pharmaclinix Lightenex Brightening Face Mask 250 ml

A lightening face mask that evens out skin tone and removes blemishes.



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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Brightening Face Mask 250 ml

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Mask A whitening face mask rich in vitamins that help nourish and even skin tone.
In addition to lightening the skin, Pharmaclinix Lightenex Face Mask helps to control excess oil, and firm the skin.
Pharmaclinix Lightenex Face Mask benefits:
- Removes dark spots.
- Gives radiant and brightener skin.
- Removes impurities.
- Stimulates skin renewal.;
How to use Pharmaclinix Lightenex Brightening Face Mask:
- Apply the mask on dry skin, avoiding contact with the eye. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. Use 2- 3 a week.
- Size:250 ml
- Made in the UK