Pharmaclinix Lightenex Plus Cream 50 ml

A lightening cream for the face and body helps to even skin tone and limits melanin production.



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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Plus Cream 50 ml

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Plus is a lightening cream for the face, body, and even sensitive parts like the under the eye, the armpit, and the groin.
It helps even skin tone as it removes acne spots, burns marks, cuts, and scratches.
Pharmaclinix Lightenex Plus gives you glowing and healthy skin that is free of blemishes.
Pharmaclinix Lightenex Plus benefits:
- Helps to get rid of pigmentation and dark spots.
- Makes your skin soft and smooth.
- Improves skin health and appearance.
- Helps to remove melasma.
- Prevents sun spots.;
Active ingredients:
• Kojic acid:
- Exfoliates skin to remove blemishes.
- Limits the production of melanin.
- Lightens age spots and scars.
• Phytic acid:
- Exfoliates and nourishes the skin.
- Rich in antioxidants.
- Strengthens the skin barrier.
• Salicylic Acid:
- Removes impurities and dead cells.
- has Lightning properties.
- Boosts skin radiance.
• Arbutin:
- Fades dark spots.
• Dioic acid derivatives:
- Lightens skin.
- Inhabits melanin production.
How to use: 
- Apply two hours before going to bed on cleansed skin.
- Follow with Sun Blockex® SPF 50 twice during the daytime even if indoors.
- Size:50 ml
- Made in the UK