Photoblock Foam 75 ml

Fast acting sunscreen for sensitive skin
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Photoblock Foam 75 ml

• Photoblock Foam SPF 50 is a fast-acting sunscreen for sensitive skin.
• Photoblock Foam provides high protection from UVA & UVB rays.
• The texture of Photoblock Foam is light, nongreasy, nonsticky residue.
• It is easy for rubbing.
• It has an immediate effect on children and adults.

Active ingredients:

Avobenzone, Ronacare Ap, Titanium Dioxide


• Photoblock Foam protects you from UV rays while allowing your skin to breathe.
• Photoblock Foam SPF 50 works as sunblock for your skin.
• Leaves the skin soft, smooth, and not sticky.
• It is water-resistant.

How To Use:

• Apply Photoblock Foam every 2 hours (Depending on Sun Exposure).

Points Of Interest:

• Photoblock Foam is free from preservatives, fragrance, and alcohol so it's suitable for sensitive skin.
• Keep Photoblock foam out of the reach and sight of children.

Made in:



75 ml

Store at room temperature.