Phyto Color Sensitive 3 Dark Brown

Phytocolor Permanent Color is a permanent coloring treatment with plant pigments, that gives your hair a beautiful shine and glow.



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Phyto Color Sensitive 3 Dark Brown

Phyto Color Permanent Color combines advanced technology and botanical knowledge to create a plant-based hair dye for you that is suitable for sensitive scalps due to being formulated WITHOUT resorcin, PPD, parabens, or ammonia. Each of Phytocolor's shades contains high concentrations of pigments and plant extracts to give the hair a wonderful natural shade while taking care of their health in a collection of intense, permanent, and deep colors with natural reflections. The coloring cream is enriched with jojoba and monoi oils elixir containing 10 plant extracts! The exceptional concentration of 5 herbal pigments per shade allows for obtaining a natural color with luminous reflections while protecting the hair and scalp. The hair is deeply nourished and soft, and the scalp is respected due to the Epaline and juazeiro tree bark, which soothes the discomfort sensations and provides optimal skin tolerance.

Hair colorations can cause allergic reactions, which can be severe. Phyto color can only be used on head hair. Application to other areas may cause serious reactions (allergies and burns, blindness if the product is used on the eyelashes and eyebrows).

Active Ingredients:

How to use:

The use of the coloring cream can be renewed every 4 to 5 weeks. In the first coloration in long or dense hair, it is recommended to use 2 packs. For a perfect result, permanent coloring should be performed on hair in good condition. After a perm or a straightening treatment, it is advisable to wait for 2 to 3 weeks before coloring the hair. To remove any product residue from the skin, wipe with a cotton pad soaked in water and soap.