Pic Aqua Bloc Post Operative Plaster 10*10 cm 5 Pcs

A medical post-operative plaster that is made of water-repellent fabric, and has the ability to allow air to reach the skin

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Pic Aqua Bloc Post Operative Plaster 10*10 cm 5 Pcs

Pic Plaster is designed for wound care after operations such as sutures and large wounds.
It is waterproof, which isolates the wound from water and helps accelerate the healing process.
It contains antibacterial chlorhexidine, which prevents infections and promotes safety.
Pic medical plaster is slim and transparent, making it discreet and hard to notice when worn.
The plaster is also made of breathable material that allows air to reach the wound, maintaining the skin's integrity.

Pic Plaster Features:
- Very slim.
- Transparent plaster.
- Waterproof.
- Has anti-bacterial properties.
- Breathable.
Benefits of Pic after operations Plaster:
- Keeps wounds clean.
- Prevents bacterial growth due to its antibacterial properties.
- Keeps the wound dry, which accelerates healing.
- Allows air to reach the skin underneath.
- Fits all areas of the body.;
How to use Pic Plasters after operations:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging of the Pic Post-Operative Medical Plaster.

- Size: 5 Plasters of 10*10 cm
- Made in Italy

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