PIC Insumed Syringe 30Gx8mm 30'S

Disposable insulin syringe, for one use

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Pic Insumed Syringe 30Gx8MM 30's 

Pic Insumed Syringe Sterile, disposable thin-needle syringes for your insulin injections.
Suitable for injecting small quantities of up to 30 IU.

They ensure you receive the correct dosage in a gentle, almost painless injection.

How To Use:
• As directed.

Points of interest:
• The graduated scale also shows half-units of insulin, a particularly important advantage when injecting children.
• The marks are widely spaced, so the numbers are large and legible, and the pack also includes a magnifying glass to help you administer the exact dose.
• Also, all syringes are Zero-Space. This means the needle is fixed directly to the body of the syringe, and there is no additional space in which insulin could accumulate, so you get exactly the quantity you need.
• The flat rubber piece is in contact with the transparent cylinder of the syringe in three places, so it stays firmly in place during aspiration and injection.
• Because it's latex-free, it also prevents allergic reactions.

Made in:

30 syringe

Store at room temperature