Pigeon New Rotary Brush For Bottle to clean baby bottles

Effective bottle brush to clean baby bottles and nipples



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Pigeon New Rotary Brush For Bottle 

Pigeon Rotary Brush effectively removes stains even from the areas that are not easily accessible.
It is used for effective cleaning with a 360° rotary handle and it has strong bristles that clean without scratching.
It also has a small nipple brush that can be used to clean small areas of the baby bottle nipples.
This brush fits all bottles types and is suitable for a cold and warm water wash.

• It washes baby bottles and nipples.

How to use:
Turn 360° to clean all areas that are hard to reach.
Use it straight ( up and down ) to clean inner bottle walls.

Points of interest:
• Fits all bottles.
• Heat resistance up to 80 ℃.

Made in: Malaysia.

Quantity: 2 Pcs.

Store at room temperature.

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