Power Gincap 850 mg Caps 60'S

Capsules that enhance the body's resistance to stress and increase vitality

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Power Gincap 850 mg Caps 60'S

• Power Gincap 850 mg Capsules containing Ginseng has been used for improving overall health.
• Power Gincap Capsule has also been used to strengthen the immune system and help fight off stress and disease.
• Power Gincap Capsule also contains Royal jelly which is rich in water, carbs, protein, fat, B vitamins, and trace minerals.
• Royal jelly has unique content of proteins and fatty acids, which may be the reason for its potential health benefits. Royal jelly is widely claimed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

Active ingredients:

Korean Red Ginseng, Vitamins and minerals typically present in royal jelly, , ,


• Power Gincap Capsule can enhance physical and mental activity in the event of tiredness and loss of ability to concentrate.
• Power Gincap Capsules relieve stress and enhance resistance to health problems.

How To Use:

• The dose of Power Gincap Capsule as per doctor directions.

Points Of Interest:

• Power Gincap 850 mg Capsule commonly causes: Trouble sleeping, avoid drinking drinks containing caffeine to avoid side effects.
• Power Gincap capsules may lower blood sugar levels too much, especially in people with diabetes.
• It is suitable for adults only.
• It is not recommended for individuals with asthma or those with allergies to bees, bee products, and pollen.
• Keep Power Gincap Capsules away from the reach of the children.

Made in:

South Korea.


60 Caps.

Store at room temperature.