Pregnacare Breastfeed 56T+28C

formula composed key nutrients for breast-feeding health and her infant to maintain develop infants brain and eye’s.

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Pregnacare Breastfeed 56T+28C:
Formula composed Blanced level of vitamins and omega-3 DHA with dual benifit to breast-feeding and infant . It produce nutritious breast milk and maintain mother’s health during the postnatal period. The presence of omega3 DHA contributes to the normal brain and eye development of breast-fed infants, Minerals and vitamins to maintenance of normal bones.

• Enhance development infant's eye and bone
• Maintain mother health and her infant

How to use:
Two pre-pregnancy breast nutrition tablets per day, plus one omega-3 capsule per day, with your main meal. used for as long as required during and after breast-feeding.
All Ingredients:
vitamins, omega 3 DHA, , ,

Caution and warning:
• Not to be chewed.
• Do not exceed recommended intake
•Take on a full stomach

How To Storage:
room temperature

Made In:
United Kingdom