Pregnacare Max Dual Pack tab 84's

Dietary supplement rich in vitamins, folic acid and omega3, It provides pregnant women with main nutrition for normal growth of her fetus.

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Pregnacare Max Dual Pack 84 Tab

A unique food supplement that composed folic acid tablets and vitamins for ensuring the normal growth of the fetus and providing him with important nutrition to produce normal red blood cells and thyroid hormones, as well as it key role in maintaining the general health of pregnant women.

The presence of folic acid preventing the fetus from neural tube defects, In addition to that it contain omega-3 capsules, which have a significant role in promoting the normal development of the eye and brain of the fetus.

• Normal fetal blood cell formation
• Development of brain and eye of fetal
• Normal growth and development of fetal
• Normal produce of fetal thyroid hormons

How to use:
Take two pregnacare max tablets per day and one omega-3 capsules.

All Ingredients:
Omega-3 ADH, Folic acid, group og vitamins and minerals.
Caution and warning:
• Do not exceed the recommended dose.
• To be taken on a full stomach

How To Storage:
room temperature

Made In:
United Kingdom