President Daily White Smokers Toothbrush Medium 1 Pc

A toothbrush for smokers that contains whitening materials that is able to get rid of pigmentation on the teeth



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President Daily White Smokers Toothbrush Medium 1 Pc

- President Daily White toothbrush is specially designed for smokers as it is capable of getting rid of the staining of teeth that results from smoking.
- The toothbrush contains calcium carbonate, which whitens teeth, removes stains, and prevents plaque formation.
- President Daily White toothbrush has a small head that allows the brush to glide smoothly along the gum line.
- It also has a specially designed grip that allows ease and comfort during use and ensures that the brush is held at a correct angle.

The benefits of the President Daily White Toothbrush:
- Helps to get rid of discoloration caused by smoking.
- President Brush prevents plaque formation.
- Has a small head that reaches hard-to-reach places.
- Has a comfortable, easy-to-use grip.

How to use the President Daily White Toothbrush:
Use the toothbrush to clean the teeth twice a day or after eating.

More information:
- Do not use the brush strongly on the gums so as not to injure them.
- Brush regularly to keep teeth clean.
- Keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in: Italy.

Quantity: 1 piece.

Store at room temperature.

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