President White Dental Floss Natural Silk 25 m

A dental floss made of silk that helps to cleanse the spaces between the teeth effectively



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President White Dental Floss Natural Silk 25 m

- President White dental floss is a floss that efficiently cleanses between the teeth and gets rid of plaque in the most difficult areas.
- The floss is made of silk which makes it super soft and very durable and doesn't break easily.
- It contains Icelandic Lichen extract, which fights bacteria in the mouth and helps whiten teeth.
- The floss also contains sodium citrate, which prevents the formation of plaque and tartar between the teeth to maintain the shine of the teeth.
- President Dental floss is an essential tool for daily dental care, providing protection from cavities and preventing the formation of plaque that obscures the shine of teeth.

Active ingredients:
Icelandic Lichen, Sodium Citrate.

The benefits of President dental floss:
- Helps get rid of plaque.
- Protects teeth from cavities.
- Slides easily between teeth.
- Contains natural extracts that whiten teeth.
- Cleans gaps between teeth and even the most difficult areas in the mouth.

How to use the President Dental Floss::
- Cut a thread about 30-40 cm long.
- Wrap both ends of the thread around your fingers and then pull it tight.
- Gently press the spaces between the teeth until the floss enters.
- Move the floss while keeping it taut، making sure it rubs against the tooth and removes plaque.
- Repeat the process between all the teeth.

More information:
- Do not pull the floss too hard on the gums so as not to injure them.
- Floss regularly to keep your teeth clean.
- Keep out of reach of children.

Made in: Italy.

Quantity: 25 m.

Store at room temperature.

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