Priorin N Capsules 90's

Priorin N is a potent natural product that treat hair loss naturally from the root, promote hair growth, nourishes hair, making it strong and healthy.
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Priorin N 90 Capsules
Priorin N is restorative product for hair and nails made of natural substances and of calcium pantothenate which is used in cases of hair falling of diverse origins which promote hair growth as well as in case of breaking of the nails for strong and healthy nails.
It's contain The golden millet, which is rich in vitamins and minerals has proved its effect in the popular and in traditional medicine in solving the problems.
Priorin capsules also bring to the hairs and nails substances which contribute to their growth and promote irrigation of the skin.

• Promote hair growth.
• Prevent hair falling.
• Strengthen the nails.
• Healthy scalp.

How to use:
Adults : The recommended dose is 2-3 capsules per day . Take them after meals with a little of fluid .
Children : The recommended dose for children 6 years old and above is 1 capsule per day .
Although an improvement of the hair condition usually occurs only after a few weeks, usage can extend from 3-6 months, since hair growth occur slowly .
If falling of hair recurs, then the course could be subsequently repeated .

All Ingredients:
calcium pantothenate, Golden millet extract, Wheat germ oil
(Vitamin E), Cystine,

Points of interests:
• For better results:
Cleanliness (regular washing of the hair) and daily massaging of the scalp (to improve its circulation) together with balanced diet help improve hair growth.
• This product is herbal and not a medical formula.
• This product is not a substitute for healthy food.
• Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this product during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
• Store in a cool, dry place.

How To Storage:
room temperature

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