Priorin N 90 Caps

These capsules are designed to strengthen and nourish both hair and nails, offering protection against splitting, breakage, and damage.

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Priorin N 90 Caps

Priorin capsules are specifically designed to strengthen and enhance the health of both hair and nails. They combine essential ingredients to promote healthier, more vibrant hair and stronger nails.
The capsules feature millet extract (sorghum), known for stimulating microcirculation, reducing hair loss, and noticeably thickening, improving health, and adding shine to the hair.
Additionally, the formula includes calcium pantothenate, which strengthens hair from the roots, nourishes follicles, and stimulates hair growth. It also fortifies brittle and weak nails, making them less prone to breakage.
Wheat germ oil, another key component, nourishes and moisturizes hair strands, leaving them softer. Moreover, it contributes to scalp health and provides nourishment and protection for the nails.
Benefits of Pantogar Capsules:
- Promote hair growth.
- Strengthening nails.
- Reduce hair loss.
- Improve the appearance of hair.;
How to use Priorin capsules:
For adults:
Take 2- 3 capsules daily after meals.

For children over 6 years:
Take 1 capsule daily.

Size: 90 capsules
Made in Germany