Revlon Red All Purpose Brush

A flat brush that meets all your hair styling needs for a more beautiful look



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Revlon Red All Purpose Brush Rv2992Uke

Revlon Red hair brush can be used for multiple purposes during hair styling. It has nylon-coated bristles to allow for easier hair styling and shaping. Equipped with a comfortable handle that gives you extra ease of use. The Revlon brush is made of nylon and plastic to ensure long-lasting durability. It has soft bristles that are gentle on the scalp with an added massaging effect.

• A brush suitable for all hair needs to get the best finish.
• Revlon hair brush is suitable for use on wet or dry hair.
• Revlon brush works on styling and smoothing hair.
• Strong handle with high stability and durability.

How to use:
Follow the instructions included on the Revlon hairbrush packaging.

More information:
• Suitable for long and medium hair and all hair types.
• Revlon brush is intended for adult use.

Made in:

Store at room temperature

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