Revlon Styling Session Volumising Comb

A comb with wide and narrow teeth for styling hair, detangling it, and giving it more volume



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The Revlon Hair Care & Styling Comb has a dual effect with narrow and wide teeth to meet all your hair styling needs and get the best finish. The wide teeth learn to detangle the hair for a smoother look, while the narrow teeth of the comb work to give the hair more volume and add finishing touches. Its hair is characterized by its softness on the scalp, as it works on styling the hair without any damage to the hair follicles or the scalp.

• Revlon comb helps to style hair.
• Makes hair look thicker and shinier.
• Helps detangle hair, making it easier to manage.

How to use:
Follow the instructions included on the Revlon hairbrush packaging.

More information:
• The Revlon hair styling comb is suitable for use by children and adults.
• Perfect for all hair types.

Made in:

Store at room temperature

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