Rhino Clear Sprint

An easy-to-use device that cleans and treats nasal cavities to improve breathing

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Rhino Clear Sprint

Rhino Clear Sprint is a device designed to clean and treat nasal cavities using Normal saline solutions, as it turns them into a mist, which improves the breathing process.
A nasal cleaner helps remove mucus, nasal secretions, and stuck-on dirt that makes breathing difficult.
It has a perfect design that is easy to use and safe as it does not damage the nasal membranes.
Suitable for use by all age groups.

Batteries Size: 2AA
Device Capacity: 15ml
Time: 2 minutes per 10ml of saline.
Age group: adults and children.

• Helps clean the nose.
• Rhino Clear Sprint improves breathing.
• Rhino Clear Sprint is ideal for use in cases of colds and allergies

How to use:
• Follow the instructions included on the Rhino Clear Sprint packaging before use.

Point of interest:
• Be sure to clean the device after each use.
• Keep Rhino Clear Sprint out of the reach of children.

Made in:

One Pieces

Store at room temperature

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