Pic Rinoflux Sterile Saline Solution 20*2 ml

Sterile saline solution that clean nose and get rid of mucous secretions and nasal obstruction to improve breathing

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Pic Rinoflux Sterile Saline Solution 20*2 ml

Pic Rinoflux Sterile Saline Solution is safe and convenient to use on a daily basis.
It can be used alone or with other medications and is also commonly used with nasal sprays.
It effectively cleans the nose, removes secretions and mucus, and relieves nasal congestion.
Moisturizes the nose and relieves stuffy nose associated with colds, which improves breathing.

Active ingredients:
Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Sterile Water.
Benefits of Pic Rinoflux Ampoules:
- Unblocks nose.
- Relieves respiratory congestion.
- Maintains the moisture of the nasal passages.
- Reduces nasal secretions.
- Reduces symptoms of colds.;
How to use Pic Rinoflux Ampoules:
- Can be used by all family members.
- Pic Rinoflux ampoules are suitable for daily use.
- Suitable for diluting drugs given through aerosol.

- Size: 20 ampoules of 2 ml each
- made in Italy