Rossmax Infrared Ear Thermometer

A device for measuring body temperature by ear in just 1 or 3 seconds

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Rossmax Infrared Ear Thermometer RA600

Rossmax Ear Thermometer that works by infrared technology for the measurement of human body temperature to follow and diagnosis of illness in just 1 or 3 seconds.
It is an easy-to-use ear thermometer that gives you accurate measurements by the 1-second measurement or the 3 seconds Scanning Mode that gives the most accurate reading that can be detected.

• Measures body temperature.

How to use:
Install the Probe Cover by clockwise rotating.
Press the “On/Off” button.
• With 1” measurement: press the “Start” button, a long beep will be sounded when a measurement is done.
• With 3” Scanning Mode: For highest accuracy always use 3” Scanning Mode.
Remove the Probe Cover by anti-clockwise rotating.

Points of interest:
• Clean the Probe Cover with alcohol after every use.
• °C / °F switchable.
• Auto shut-off.
• Low battery indicator.
• Replace with a new Probe Cover after approx. 30 times of use to ensure an accurate reading.
• This thermometer must only be used with Rossmax Probe Covers, other covers can lead to inaccuracy.
•This thermometer is equipped with one lithium cell (CR2032).

How to store:
Stores at room temperature.

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