Rossmax Talking Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor CF175

A smart talking device that automatically measures blood pressure to simplify the process of monitoring blood pressure.

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Rossmax Talking Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor CF175

Rossmax talking device provides an easy and convenient way to measure blood pressure.
It has a motion detection feature that alerts users if their hand moves during the measurement process, ensuring more accurate results
The cuff of the device is adjustable and can fit arm sizes ranging from 24 to 40 cm, making it suitable for different users
Rossmax device also has a pre- results storage feature, making it easy to save and compare previous blood pressure measurements.

- Memorize results.
- Suitable for several sizes.
- Talking device.
- Movement detection.
Benefits of Rossmax Talking Automatic BP Monitor:
- It measures blood pressure very efficiently.
- It has an indicator of high blood pressure.
- Contains an indication of arrhythmias.
- Stores 90 previous results.;
How To Use Rossmax Talking Automatic BP Monitor: 
- Position the device on your arm so that the meter aligns with the veins.
- Ensure that the device is held securely on your arm, making sure the cuff size fits snugly for accurate measurements.
- Press the start or play button to initiate the blood pressure measurement process and keep your hand still while waiting for the results to appear.

- Size: 1 device
- Made in Switzerland