Schick Exacta 2 Sensitive Men Green Razor 7+3 Free

Men's razors provide a precise shave for sensitive skin



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Schick Exacta 2 Sensitive Men Green Razor 7+3 Free

Schick Exacta 2 Sensitive disposable razors for men feature two ultra-thin blades for a close and precise shaving experience.
Their handles have a micro-cushion that assures a secure and comfortable grip while shaving.
The Vitamin E strip on the head makes your skin smooth while you are shaving.
The push-clean feature of the Schick razors allows convenient cleaning of the blades.

For: Sensitive Skin
Package: 7+3 free Razors
Blade quantity: 2 Thin Blades

Active ingredients:
Vitamin E.

• Schick Exacta razors are easy to use.
• Designed to glide across your body curves.
• Quickly used.
• Contains vitamin E which leaves your skin soft and smooth, soothes, and helps prevent inflammation and irritation in your skin.
• Remove the hair without pain.

How to use:
• Remove transparent blade shield in the direction of arrows.
• For best result, apply shave lotion, cream, gel, or water to soften the area being shaved.

Points of interest:
• Frequently rinse bade with water during shaving and after each use.
• Save shield for storage and disposal.
• Be careful while touching the blade.
• keep out of the children.

Made in:

10 Pieces

Store at room temperature.

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