Schick Quattro Women Ultra Smooth Blades 4 Pcs

Four women's razor refill blades with ultra-thin blades for a smooth shave



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Schick Quattro Women Ultra Smooth Blades 4 Pcs

Schick Quattro women's razor refills offer an incredibly close, smooth shave and are compatible with the Quattro handles.
The easy-to-replace ultra-thin blades from Schick are designed to give you an ultra-smooth shave that lasts for days.
With their pivoting, 4 ultra-thin blades the razor provides flexibility and an effortless glide along the contours of your legs and body.
The conditioning strip is enhanced with different potent ingredients to help reduce irritation and to have a smooth shave.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin E, Aloe vera.

• Schick refill blades provide close, comfortable, and convenient shave.
• Helps to minimize irritation, delivering an incredibly smooth shave.
• Flex and pivot blades.
• Smooth and lubricating strip.
• Schick refill blades are easy-to-replace.

How to use:
• Remove transparent blade shield in the direction of arrows.
• For best result, apply shave lotion, cream, gel, or water to soften the area being shaved.

Points of interest:
• Frequently rinse bade with water during shaving and after each use.
• Save shield for storage and disposal.
• Be careful while touching the blade.
• keep out of the children.

Made in:



4 Pieces.

Store at room temperature

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