Septona Cotton Buds 300 Pcs

Are double-tipped cotton swabs designed for multiple uses, including personal hygiene, makeup application, and first aid.



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Septona Cotton Buds 300 Pcs

Septona Cotton Buds are a versatile and practical pack of 300 double-tipped cotton buds that can be used for a wide range of purposes.
These cotton buds are made of 100% pure cotton, making them gentle and soft on the skin.
Septona Cotton Buds are ideal for personal hygiene routines, including cleaning the ears, nose, and other body parts, as well as for applying makeup with precision.
The double-tipped design makes them perfect for first aid use, such as cleaning wounds and applying ointments.
Septona Cotton Buds come in a convenient plastic container that keeps them clean and organized, making them perfect for travel or storage at home.
Septona Cotton Buds 300 Pcs Benefits:
• Capable of versatile multiple uses.
• Provides softness and gentleness on the skin when used.
• Perfect for precise makeup application.
• Allows the cleaning of wounds.
• Comes in a convenient plastic container for easy storage and portability.;
• 100% cotton.
• Microbiologically tested.
• Easy access opening lid.
How To Use Septona Cotton Buds 300 Pcs:
• Gently clean the outside of the ear using the Septona Cotton Buds by holding it at the tip.
• Do not insert the cotton bud into the ear canal.
Size: 300 pieces
Made in: EU

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