Single Check Pregnancy Test 1 Pc

A home pregnancy test that is used to detect pregnancy by checking the amount of pregnancy hormone in the urine.

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Single Check Pregnancy Test 1 Pc

The pregnancy detector from Single Check provides you with a quick way to detect pregnancy.
It is a home pregnancy test detects pregnancy by measuring the amount of the pregnancy hormone (HCG), which increases dramatically in the first days after the absence of blood circulation.
The results of the home pregnancy test are usually correct, but in case of doubt, you should go to the doctor to confirm by conducting a blood pregnancy test.

Benefits of a pregnancy detector:
- Provides an easy and quick way to detect pregnancy in the early days of a missed period.

How to use the pregnancy detector:
- Dip the pregnancy test strip in a little bit of urine and wait a few minutes before reading the results.
- When two lines appear, this means that the pregnancy test is positive.
- When a single line appears, this means that the pregnancy test is negative.
- When a light-colored line and a dark line appear, you should retake the test after two days.

More information:
- Pregnancy detector should be kept between 2-30°C.
- The pregnancy detector is used for one time only.
- The pregnancy test is valid for 36 months.

Quantity: 1 Pc

Store at room temperature