Single Let Sterile Single Use Safety Lancets 200 Pcs

Sterile, single-use needles that aid in skin puncture and blood sampling

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Single Let Sterile Single Use Safety Lancets 200 Pcs

Easy to use, painless T-shaped lancets that provide extra comfort during use and are attached with individual sterile safety clips.
Single Let Sterile lancets help check blood samples and monitor sugar levels efficiently, making them ideal for diabetic patients.
This product is for one-time use only and should not be used again, reusing the same lancet may cause bacterial contamination or infection.

Quantity: 200 pieces.
Size: 28 G.
Penetration depth: 1.6 mm.

• Single Let lancets are easy and safe to use.
• Single Let Sterile lancets help to take blood samples without pain.

How to use:
• First, clean the area with alcohol to get rid of any bacteria or germs.
• Remove the protective cap, place the lancet on the fingerprint, and press the button.
• Put the protective cap on the needle and dispose of it.

Points of interest:
• Single lancet cannot be reused and is meant for one-time use only for hygiene purposes.
• Wash your hands before using the lancets to reduce the risk of infection.
• Once the lancet is utilized, discard the used lancet very carefully.
• Do not throw away the lancet in an open area. Discard it properly in a bin.
• Keep it away from children.
• Check if the packaging is intact before usage. If the packaging was opened do not use the product.

Quantity: 200 Lancets.

Store at room temperature.

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