T-RQ Adult Gummy Pre Natal Omega3 & Folic Acid 60'S For healthy pregnancy

Support women during their pregnant and breastfeeding period
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T-RQ Adult Gummy Pre Natal Omega3+Folic Acid - 60 Gummies

A specially designed gummy multivitamin for women who are pregnant and lactating.
This complete formula contains a mix of eight essential vitamins and minerals along with the power of -Omega-3 and Folic Acid.
Omega 3 is important in helping healthy brain functioning while Folic Acid is needed to ensure healthy development.


• Provides the daily recommended dose for pregnant women with folic acid and other vitamins.
• Supports the healthy status of pregnant women with multivitamins formulation.

How to use:
Chew two gummies daily.

Active Ingredients:
Omega-3 , Vitamin B complex , Zinc , Multi vitamins.

Points of interest:
• Don’t exceed the daily recommended dose.
• Natural Flavors and Colors- All of our products are made with natural flavors and colors.
• Delicious Flavors- Comes in three delicious fruit flavors (cherry, lemon & orange).
• Pectin Based- Pectin is a healthy plant-based ingredient.
• Allergen Free- Our Products are free of wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, artificial flavors and preservatives.

60 Gummies.

How to store:
At room temperature.

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