Tara Onion Remedy Concentrate 15 mL stimulate hair growth

Serum concentrated from herbal extracts provides soothing, shiny, and regrowth healthy hair



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Tara Onion Remedy Concentrate serum 15 ml

Tara Onion Remedy Concentrate is a powerful concentrate designed to stimulate the scalp for stronger hair growth.
It works by boosting microcirculation towards the follicles, increasing their supply of oxygen and nutrients while accelerating the rate at which they produce hair during the growth cycle.
Combined with an optimal dose of peptides, it soothes and strengthens the scalp to reduce shedding and helps to thin hair grow back stronger and fuller.

The main herbal extracts benefits:
Onion extract naturally helps stimulate hair growth.
Rich in sulfur (not to be confused with sulfates), antioxidants, and flavonoids, it promotes collagen production and microcirculation towards the scalp, increasing the supply of nutrients needed during the growth cycle.
Soybean extract is rich in vitamins and minerals is known to protect skin and hair cells from oxidative stress. High in lipids, oil helps carry active ingredients beneath the cuticle to nourish each hair from within and has also been shown to prolong the follicle’s growth phase to keep hair growing stronger.

Yeast extract improves the quality of new growth.
High in Vitamin B, it stimulates blood to flow towards the scalp, delivering essential proteins that strengthen the hair shaft and prevent premature hair loss.
Hydrolyzed collagen and keratin are simply the large protein molecules broken down to a size that can best penetrate the hair cuticle.
Used topically, repairs the hair shaft by filling up microscopic gaps, leaving your hair smoother and fuller.

• Stimulates follicles and regrowth new hair.
• Protects the scalp and healthy hair growth.
• Strengthens hair, lengths, nourishes, and improves resilience.
• Soothing inflammation and dryness.
• Treats hair loss.

How to use:
After towel drying, apply one pipette full of serum along the hairline and the part, finishing with the sides and the back.
Massage into the scalp using circular motions as you work through each section.
This is a leave-in product, style your hair normally.

ِActive Ingredients:
Onion Extract, Soybean, Yeast Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Keratin, Peptides.

Points of interest:
• Avoid eyes contact.
• Perfect for everyday use.
• Free parabens, mineral oil, and cruelty.

How to store:
Stores at room temperature.

Made in:
United Kingdom.