Tebodont F Mouthrinse 400 ml

Mouthrinse inhibits the formation of plaque, prevents tooth decay, and strengthens the gums

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Tebodont F Mouthrinse 400 ml

Mouthrinse Tebodont-F For daily oral and dental care.
It helps in the prevention of tooth decay, relieves irritated gums and oral mucosa, and enhances plaque removal by containing tea tree oil and sodium fluoride.
Tea tree oil Tea is a natural remedy for bad breath and contains ingredients that diminish plaque.
This oil can kill off bacteria, diminish tooth decay and relieve bleeding gums.
Fluoride is a mineral that works by making the teeth stronger and more resistant to decay caused by acid and bacteria.

Active ingredients:
Tea Tree Oil, Sodium Fluoride.

• Tebodont F mouthrinse provides a healthy mouth and gums.
• Protects from bacterial infections.
• Prevents tooth decay and plaque formation.
• Tebodont F mouthrinse strengthens the gums.
• Helps relieve irritated gums.

How To Use:
Rinse mouth with 10 ml of Tebodont-F mouthrinse 2-3 times daily, undiluted, during 60-90 seconds, and spit out afterward.

Points of interest:
• Do not swallow.
• Rinse preferably again before going to bed.
• Keep out of the children.
• Discontinue use if allergic reactions occur or worsen the conditions after use.

Made in:

400 ml

Store at room temperature

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