Tena Lady Super 30'S for personal care

Pads with triple protection from leaks, odour and moisture effects



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Tena Lady Super 30'S

TENA Lady Super is a super-absorbent and body-shaped incontinence pad ideal after delivery.
Leaks, odor, and moisture are quickly absorbed micro fresh pearls of Tena Lady Super that retain urine and keep it locked deep inside for effective leakage protection with a dry fast core.
Tena Lady Super has a generous length and thickness of the pad, you get secure protection when lying down, sitting down, or going about daily activities.
The silky surface of Tena Lady Super is soft and comfortable against the skin and wear.
Dermatologically tested to be safe and kind to the skin.
The breathable materials allow air to circulate, preventing dampness and promoting skin health.

Benefits of Tena Lady Super:
• Odor Control.
• Dry Fast Core locks in leaks.

Quantity of Tena Lady Super:
30 Pieces.

How to store Tena Lady Super:
At room temperature.

Made In:
New Zealand