Tena Pants Normal XL 15 Pcs

Are pants that leave the skin feeling dry and soft and prevent leakage to keep the skin healthy



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Tena Pants Normal XL 15 Pcs 

Tena Pants are unisex pants that provide triple protection, as they give the skin a dry and soft sensation and prevent leakage to maintain healthy skin.
They also has leak-proof barriers that give more protection, in addition to its Feel dry technology, which ensures rapid absorption of liquids and keeps the area dry.
The diapers are designed to be used once only and are characterized by allowing air to pass through and the skin to breathe through like usual underwear.
Tena Pants are also stretchable to fit the body, ensuring it is always firmly in place.

Benefits of adult diapers:
• Tena diapers provide triple protection to keep the skin healthy.
• The diapers feature a fast-absorbing technology that ensures complete dryness.
• Flexible and stretched to fit all sizes.

Instructions for use of adult diapers:
- Read the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
-Do not flush the diapers on the toilet
- Disposable.

Made in: Poland

Quantity: 15 Pcs

Store at room temperature