Tonimer Baby Nasal Spray 100 ml

A spray for children used to clean the sinuses of mucus and impurities.

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Tonimer Baby Nasal Spray 100 ml

Tonimer is a baby spray containing seawater, which softens and loosens nasal mucus, aiding in clearing the nasal passages for easier and more comfortable breathing during feeding and sleeping.
It assists in eliminating bacteria, viruses, irritants, and allergens like dust and pollen from the nasal passages.
Safe for daily use, it comprises a natural isotonic saline solution and marine minerals that prevent irritation and inflammation.
Tonimer Spray helps prevent ear, nose, and throat disorders during colds and ear infections by maintaining clean and healthy nasal passages.

Active ingredients:
Sea Water.

• Gently cleanses the nose, removing impurities such as dust, fine pollution particles, mucus, and allergens.
• Helps restore the natural moisture of the nasal mucosa.
• Prevents ear, nose, and throat disorders during colds and ear infections.
• Improves breathing, helping children sleep peacefully and feel comfortable.
• Can be used in cases of bronchitis.
• Helps prevent colds.

How to use:
• Use when needed or according to the doctor's instructions.
• Gently insert the nozzle into the nostril.
• Press the nozzle briefly, allowing any excess solution to run out before wiping the nose.
• Repeat the procedure in the other nostril.

• Do not use it for more than 15 days without consulting a doctor.
• Avoid using Tonmer spray if the nose is infected or injured.

Made in

100 ml

Store at room temperature