Vichy Dercos Sebo Corrector Oil Control Shampoo 200 mL 81236 to strength the hair

It is a shampoo indicated for the treatment of excessively oily hair



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Vichy Dercos Sebo Corrector Oil Control Shampoo 200 mL 

This shampoo is specifically formulated for oily hair to control excess sebum.
The formula contains four different surfactants in a specific dose that enables this shampoo to limit the migration of sebum from the pores to the hair fiber.
This way, the hair takes longer to become oily, and its integrity is preserved.

• Removes excess sebum.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of the shampoo onto the previously wet scalp and massage to lather.
Rinse with water and repeat if needed.

All Active Ingredients:

Tensioactive Agents,,,,

Points of interest:
• Tested under dermatological control.
• Hypoallergenic formula.

Stores at room temperature

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