Vichy Homme Deodorant Anti Perspirant 72 Hrs 50 mL (Black)

A roll-on deodorant that gives you protection against unpleasant odors and keeps you feeling fresh for 72 hours.



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Vichy Homme Deodorant Anti Perspirant 72 Hrs 50 mL (Black) 

Vichy deodorant is specially formulated for men to provide 72 hours of protection against sweat odor, leaving you feeling fresh.
This deodorant features a gentle formula that does not cause skin irritation and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
It is non-staining and it is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it does not contain perfume, alcohol, or parabens.
Vichy deodorant contains aluminum chloride, which reduces the activity of the sweat glands and reduces the amount of sweat.

All Active Ingredients:
Vichy Deodorant Anti Perspirant benefits:
- Fights unpleasant odors.
- Does not cause irritation to the underarm area.
- Provides long-term protection against sweating.
- It has a gentle formula that is suitable for sensitive skin.;
How to use Vichy Deodorant Anti Perspirant:
- Use Vichy Roll-on on clean, dry skin.

- Size: 50 ml.
- Made in France