Vichy Lift Active Specialist B3 Serum 30 mL

A niacinamide serum that helps even skin tone, reduce pigmentation and reduce the signs of premature aging.



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Vichy Lift Active Specialist B3 Serum 30 mL

Vichy Lift Active Specialist B3 Serum features a powerful formula that helps to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, giving you flawless skin.
The serum contains Niacinamide that helps to reduce dark spots and give your skin a youthful look by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Vichy Lift Active Serum formula includes Glycolic Acid that provides anti-aging properties and regenerates skin as it helps to remove dead cells.
The serum also helps to protect and repair skin damage caused due to UV exposure.
Vichy Lift Active Serum benefits:
- Improves the appearance of the skin.
- Reduces skin blemishes.
- Fights fine lines and wrinkles.
- Reduces dark spots.
- Suitable for all skin types.
- Hypoallergenic.;
How to use Vichy Lift Active Serum:
- Apply Vichy serum once or twice daily or as needed.
- Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure to sunlight.
- Size: 30 ml.
- Made in France