Vicks Inhaler 1 Pc

A stick for inhalation to treat and relieve symptoms of the common cold, clear nasal obstruction, and help you breathe more easily.

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Vicks Inhaler 1 Pc

Vicks is a small inhaler stick designed for inhalation to relieve congestion and facilitate breathing.
Its active ingredients help reduce symptoms of the common cold and clear nasal obstruction.
The finger-like shape is designed to fit comfortably in the nose for easy use, and it is applied externally to the nostrils.
Vicks Inhaler should not be used by children under 6 years old or by people with asthma.
Benefits of Vicks Inhaler:
- Removes stuffy nose.
- Eliminates chest pain.
- Relieves symptoms of colds.
- Facilitates breathing.
- Relieves bronchial irritation.;
Active ingredients:
Siberian pine needle oil:
- Reduces stress.
- Reduces pain.
- Relieves chest pain.
- Reduces cough.
- Reduces bronchial irritation.
- Suppresses cough.
- Relieves pain.
- reduces itching.
Methyl salicylate:
- Relieves pain.
- Reduces inflammation.
How to use Vicks Inhaler:
- Place a stick of Vicks in each nostril and inhale deeply.
- Please note that is not suitable for children under the age of six.
- Size: 1 Piece
- Made in Germany

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