Viola Fosfaslim Fat Deposits Cream 250 ml

A body cream that helps to firm, reshape and reduce cellulite and subcutaneous fat to give you a slim body.

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Viola Fosfaslim Fat Deposits Cream 250 ml

Viola Fosfaslim cream features a powerful formula that helps burn fat and get rid of cellulite.
It contains phosphatidylcholine, which is known for its high permeability through the layers of the skin and its ability to dissolve subcutaneous fat.
Viola Slimming Cream is rich in natural herbal extracts with fat-dissolving and metabolism-boosting properties.
The extracts increase fat burning, stimulate metabolism in the body, and stimulate blood circulation.

Active ingredients:
Probiotics, Plant stem cells, Carnitine, Phosphatidylcholine, Capsicum oil, Guarana extract.
Viola Fat Burning Cream Benefits:
- Reduces cellulite in the skin.
- Burns subcutaneous fat.
- Promotes weight loss.
- Improves body appearance.;
How To Use Viola Fat Burning Cream:
- Apply the cream to the desired area and massage it well until it is completely absorbed by the skin.
- Use the cream twice daily.

- Size: 250 ml.
- Made in Italy