Viola Foundation 3 In 1 BB Cream Dark 50 ml

A foundation enriched with natural ingredients, stem cells, and probiotics to provide superior hydration and care for the skin, with SPF 50.



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Viola Foundation 3 In 1 BB Cream Dark 50 ml

Viola 3-in-1 foundation provides natural coverage in addition to intense hydration and sun protection to give you even and flawless skin.
This foundation provides high protection against UVA and UVB rays and promotes skin health thanks to stem cells and probiotics.
Viola foundation is also fragrance-free and rich in aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and B5, which moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.
In addition to natural herbal extracts such as hibiscus and barley extract, which are antioxidants that have a strengthening effect on the skin.

Active ingredients:
Probiotic, Plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, aloe vera, Blackcurrant, hibiscus extract.
Viola BB Cream Benefits:
- Provides natural color coverage.
- Protects from the sun.
- Deeply moisturizes the skin.
- Resists wrinkles and premature aging.
- Reduces skin blemishes.
- Reduces sunburn and resulting skin pigmentation.;
How To Use Viola BB Cream:
- Apply Viola Foundation 3 In 1 to clean skin, as needed.

- Size: 50 ml.
- Made in Italy