Viola Whitening Moisturizing Body Lotion 250 ml

A Lightening and moisturizing body lotion rich in licorice extract reduces hyperpigmentation and works to lighten dark areas.



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Viola Whitening Moisturizing Body Lotion 250 ml

Viola Moisturizing and Brightening Body Lotion prevents dryness and enhances moisture levels thanks to its formula rich in moisturizing and nourishing substances for the skin.
It works to unify body tone and lighten spots and pigmentation that appear on the skin.
Viola Body Lotion also moisturizes and nourishes the skin, prevents dryness and irritation, and protects the skin from free radicals and external factors.
The probiotics in the lotion formula enhance the skin's natural defense mechanisms and maintain the skin's flora balance.
Plant stem cells, in turn, help enhance collagen production in cells and renew skin cells.
Viola Whitening Moisturizing Body Lotion Benefits:
- Reduces pigmentation in the skin.
- Smoothes skin texture.
- Lightens dark areas.
- Prevents dry skin.;
How To Use Viola Whitening Moisturizing Body Lotion:
- Apply a suitable amount and massage gently twice a day until completely absorbed.

- Size: 250 ml.
- Made in Italy