Virgine Vaginal Ovels 3'S

A herbal extract vaginal ovules for narrowing and keeping healthy vaginal cavity

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Virgine Vaginal – 3 Ovules

Virgine is an herbal extract that maintains the health and hygiene of the vagina. It also helps the woman to regain her femininity by restoring the vaginal shape as a virgin.
This ovule contains acacia catechu, punica granatum, querus, buteomonosperma, terminalia Billerica, terminalia chebula, starch and alum.
These herbal extracts affect the vaginal smooth muscles which provide narrow the vaginal cavity and moisture it for a long time.
It keeps the normal PH of the internal vaginal which prevents occur infection and inflammation.

Active ingredients:
acacia catechu, punica granatum , starch.

• Narrow the vaginal cavity
• Reduces dryness of vaginal
• keeps moisturized for long term
• Provides normal PH

How to use:
Dip the Tabs in water for 1.5 minutes before use.
Insert into the vaginal cavity at bedtime.

Points of interest:
• Avoid use in vaginal infection or inflammation.
• Avoid use in chronic vaginal disease.
• Can use the applicator to insert the suppository.
• Avoid use in allergy for any of contents.

Made in:

3 ovules

Store at room temperature