Vitis Implant Sulcular Toothbrush 1 Pc

A toothbrush for dental implants, specially designed to reach narrow places and the edges of implants.



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Vitis Implant Sulcular Toothbrush 1 Pc 

A toothbrush from Vitis that is specially designed to fit dental implants.
The toothbrush has a thin head that consists of two rows of soft bristles.
It also has a flexible neck that reaches the deepest edges of dental implants.
In addition, the bristles of the Vitis implant toothbrush are made of flexible latex.
Vitis facilitates access to the area between the gums and the edge of the implant and prevents plaque buildup.

- Small and thin head.
- Two rows of soft bristles.
- Non-slip handle.
- Flexible neck.
Benefits of Vitesse Toothbrush:
- Prevents plaque buildup around dental implants.
- Reduces bad breath.
- Prevents the growth of bacteria causing tooth decay.;
How to use Vitis toothbrush:
- Brush your teeth 3 times a day or after each meal, using circular motions from the gums to the tooth.

- Size: 1 pc
- Made in Spain

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