Vitis Medium Toothbrush 1 Pc 301-V13

A medium toothbrush that maintains a healthy mouth and teeth free from cavities, and reaches hard-to-reach areas in the mouth.



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Vitis Medium Toothbrush 1 Pc

A toothbrush with Medium bristles is suitable for daily use for people who do not suffer from oral and dental problems.
The Vitis toothbrush is designed with a regular, diamond-shaped head and medium bristles that can reach all hard-to-reach parts of the mouth.
The bristles of the toothbrush have a wavy profile and feature a specially designed handle that provides a comfortable grip.
In addition, the Vitis brush has a bendable neck that reaches the deepest points inside the mouth and between the teeth.
The Vitis brush also comes with a cap that ensures complete hygiene and protection of the bristles from external contamination.

- Diamond-shaped head.
- Medium soft bristles.
- Non-slip handle.
- Cover for maximum hygiene.
Benefits of Vitesse Toothbrush:
- Prevents plaque buildup around dental implants.
- Reduces bad breath.
- Prevents the growth of bacteria causing tooth decay.;
How to use Vitis toothbrush:
- Brush your teeth 3 times a day or after each meal, using circular motions from the gums to the tooth.

- Size: 1 pc
- Made in Spain

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