Vitis Orthodontic Wax 301-V04

An orthodontic wax helps reduce pain and discomfort caused by braces by coating the protruding edges of braces.

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Vitis Orthodontic Wax 

Vitis Orthodontic Wax helps reduce friction between the metal brackets and the inner lining of the mouth.
The wax minimizes the damage caused by these braces and wires to eliminate the feeling of discomfort during the period of wearing braces.
Vitis Wax also helps protect the inside of the cheeks and tongue from friction cuts.
Furthermore, the wax works to provide comfort and alleviate pain during the early stages of wearing braces.
Benefits of orthodontic wax:
- Reduces discomfort while wearing braces.
- Prevents sores and wounds caused by intense friction..
- Provides isolation between the surface of the metal wire and the inside of the mouth.;
- Easy to use.
- Multiple sizes.
How to use orthodontic wax:
- Cut off a small piece of wax using your fingers or scissors.
- Soften the wax by rolling it between your fingers.
- Make sure the area where you want to apply the wax is dry.
- Gently press the wax onto the orthodontic bracket or wire.
- Remove the wax at the end of use by peeling it off or brushing your teeth.
- Size: 2 pieces
- Made in Spain

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