Vitis Waxed Dental Floss Yellow 50 m

The wax-covered dental floss is used to clean between teeth and hard-to-reach areas in the mouth.



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Vitis Waxed Dental Floss Yellow 50 m 

Vitis dental floss is coated with yellow wax and designed to effectively clean narrow spaces between teeth.
It helps reduce the buildup of biofilm (plaque) in the mouth and is suitable for daily use.
The floss helps maintain a clean mouth by removing food residue that regular brushing may not be able to reach.

Active ingredients:
Microcrystalline waxes.


Benefits of dental floss:
- Effectively cleans between teeth.
- Prevents plaque buildup in the mouth.
- Reduces bacteria in the mouth.
- Refreshes breath.;
How to use Vitis dental floss:
- Use 40-50 cm of yellow dental floss.
- Wrap the thread on the middle finger of each hand.
- Place the floss between the thumb and forefinger and move it back and forth between the teeth.

- Size: 50 m
- Made in Spain

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