Vomi Care Syrup 240 Ml

It is a natural, safe and effective herbal extracts product for nausea and vomiting, contains: Ginger, Vitamin B6m lemon balm and peppermint.

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Vomi Care Syrup 240 Ml

Vomi Care Syrup 240 Ml contains: Ginger which is a herb that has been known for its.
- Beneficial properties in the health of the gastrointestinal system.
- Considered the first natural choice in cases of digestive and nausea problems to prevent vomiting.
- Vitamins B6 for nausea and vomiting specially in morning and maintaining proper psychological functions.

Benefit Or Uses :
Useful for nausea and Vomiting.

Direction For Uses :
1-2 tablespoonfuls, 3 – 4 times daily

Active Ingredients :
Ginger , Vitamin B6 , Lemon balm , Pippermint ,

How To Storage :
room temperature.

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