Watson & Son Manuka Honey Snap Packs 10+ MGS 12x5 g

Manuka honey with 30 mg of MGO to support digestive functions, boost immunity and improve sore throat symptoms


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Watson & Son Manuka Honey 10+ MGS Snap Packs 12 X 5 g

Watson & Son Manuka Honey 10+ MGS Snap Packs are natural manuka honey single doses that are used to improve the general health of the body and the function of organs.
The manuka honey possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as antioxidant functions to prevent infection and promote GIT activity.
Watson & Son Manuka Honey uses the Molan Golden Standard (MGS)to measure the potency, purity, and quality of the honey with regard to its antibacterial action.
The MGS standard which measures the Methylglyoxal percentage in honey is certified and accredited to be equivalent to UMF used in other types of honey.
Watson & Son Manuka Honey 10+ MGS Snap Packs 12 X 5 g:
• Strengthens the body's immunity against diseases.
• Convenient one-time single doses.
• Increases the body's vitality and energy levels.
• Enhances the digestive function in the body.
• Relieves symptoms associated with the common cold.;
Active Ingredients:
• Methylglyoxal:
- The honey contains 30 mg of Methylglyoxal per 100g.
- Possesses antibacterial properties, especially on strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.
- Supports overall immune function.
- Has anti-inflammatory properties.
- Considered as an antioxidant.
• Energy:
- The honey contains 68.75 kJ per 5g.
• Proteins:
- The honey contains 0.01 g per 5g.
• Fats:
- The honey contains  1 g per 5g.
• Carbohydrate:
- The honey contains 3.92 g per 5g.
• Sugar:
- The honey contains 3.81 g per 5g.
• Sodium:
- The honey contains 0.4 mg per 5g.
How To Use Watson & Son Manuka Honey 10+ MGS Snap Packs:
• Dissolve 1 Watson & Son Manuka Honey 10+ MGS Snap Pack with a hot beverage or water or apply it directly into the mouth.
• Do not give Watson & Son Manuka Honey to infants younger than 12 months.
• Size: 12 packs X 5g
• Made in New Zealand