Pharmaceris R Calm Rosalgin Night Cream 30 ml

An effective night cream that has a moisturizing and calming effect for skin prone to redness and irritation



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Pharmaceris R Calm Rosalgin Night Cream 30 ml

Pharmaceris R Calm Rosalgin Night Cream is formulated for rosacea skin which is prone to redness, persistent or recurrent erythema, papules, and pustules.

This cream helps to purify the skin, relieves pimples, promotes skin regeneration, and nourishes the skin. and minimizes the appearance of telangiectasia.

Pharmaceris R cream is enriched with skin- nourishing ingredients of olive leaf extract, Thioproline, canola oil, soothing calcium ions, and Inno tetrapeptide.

InnoTetrapeptide has anti- inflammatory and reduces skin irritation and redness.

Calcium ions have a soothing and relieving effect and It has antiseptic action.

While Thioproline is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin and has anti- aging and anti- inflammatory properties furthermore, it supports skin renewal.

Olive leaf extract detoxifies the skin, making cells more resistant to stress.

Active ingredients:
Olive leaf extract, Calm-Calcium Ca2+, Canola oil, Thioproline, InnoTetrapeptide

• Pharmaceris R cream soothes and relieves skin irritations.
• Prevents recurrence of redness.
• Pharmaceris R cream reduces burning and itching.
• It has anti- oxidant and anti- wrinkle effects.
• Pharmaceris R cream provides optimum hydration.

How to use:
Spread Pharmaceris R cream all over your face at night.

Point of interest:
• Pharmaceris R cream is recommended for rosacea skin which is prone to redness, papules, and pustules.
• Clinically and dermatologically tested.
• High tolerance and efficacy.

Made in:

30 ml.

Store at room temperature.